What is TUFF TOE?

The TUFF TOE BOOTS formula uses the same technology that is used in NASA and ballistic adhesives. TUFF TOE is chemically defined as an adhesive but also has more abrasion resistance and is more flexible than any consumer grade product on the market. This makes it perfect for protecting and repairing any part of your boots, not just the toes.
Tuff Toe is easy to learn and most people can do a decent job applying it on their first try, but typically it takes 2-3 applications for someone to become comfortable and 5-8 applications to become expert with applying it. The problem your customers have is that they may be afraid to apply it themselves the first time. This is why we have created our Tuff Toe Certified Application Professional program (TCAP) where retailers can become certified to apply Tuff Toe and charge $10 to $20 per pair of boots to apply. Click here for more info on the TCAP Program.
The Ultimate boot savers that save your customers money by protecting your steel toe leather work boot and equipment from wear and tear with Tuff Toe. Designed to adhere to any work boot sole, leather and boot material and protect your toe area of your boots from becoming damaged.



  • 2-part epoxy polyurethane developed by NASA Engineers
  • Industrial adhesive blend cures on boot for durable, long-lasting finish
  • Custom applied for perfect match to your boot
  • Can be professionally applied with a Boot Life Guarantee
  • Can be used for more than just shoes and boots
  • Abrasion, water, and chemical resistance
  • Non-marking, can be used to repair sole, leather, seam, etc.
  • 100% Made in USA

  • An Easy Add-On Sale That Builds Repeat Loyal Customers

    We’ve found that around 60% of first-time TUFF TOE Boots customers buy the product after 1-3 months of using their boots. The next time they buy boots over 90% apply the product right away and over 90% will put it on every pair of boots they own.

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