TCAP Certification Steps

STEP 1: Watch Training Video
STEP 2: Upload Your Application Videos
STEP 3: Submit Your Videos


OPTION 1: Upload your videos here

PLEASE NAME YOUR FILES WITH THE NAME OF YOUR STORE BEFORE YOU UPLOAD YOUR FILES. We get a lot of videos and will not be able to tell which one belongs to whom.

*Digital Rights Disclaimer. By submitting your videos to Tuff Toe, you are giving us the license to use your videos and your likeness in the videos as we see fit, both internally and externally. If you don’t agree to this please contact us at 800-888-0802 x110 or email

OPTION 2: Upload to Google Photos

If you have a smartphone and a Gmail account then you already have a Google Photos account. Just click here and you’ll be guided through the app set up. Then just upload and share your video to our Google Photos Album. Email us at if you have problems.

OPTION 3: Upload to Dropbox

If you have a Dropbox account then just upload your video to our TCAP Video Upload Folder. Email us at if you have problems.

OPTION 4: Upload to a Different Page

If you’re having issues uploading your videos on this page, try uploading your videos on a different page directly through our Sharefile account.