By applying for TCAP certification your store location accepts the following terms and conditions

There are three levels of TCAP participation:

TCAP Requirements

As a TCAP Your location Agrees to the Following:

  • We will provide an application demonstration video showing our technique annually.
  • Our annual order volume will determine our TCAP level and benefit ie. Bronze, Silver, Gold. This level will be monitored by Tuff Toe, Inc and may result in losing TCAP status.
  • We will immediately cease from marketing our store as a TCAP if we lose our TCAP status
  • We agree to monitor quality control of our Tuff Toe applications regardless of whom at our store performs applications
  • We agree to stand behind our Tuff Toe application service and will cover all warranty claims at our own expense.
  • We agree not to advertise packaged Tuff Toe products for less than $21.99 with MSRP of $23.99
  • Any photos, videos, or digital content we provide Tuff Toe, Inc. may be published on all Tuff Toe owned websites and any social media platform in order to gain exposure for our store and for the Tuff Toe brand.
  • Tuff Toe, Inc. at its’ sole discretion, for any reason, can remove any operators’ TCAP status and ability to purchase/market Tuff Toe products.